Monday, March 12, 2007

How to dissapear completely

Find a light box. Put it down. Buy an ice cream. Eat your soup. Play hard to get. Still too sober to stop thinking. Crush interrupted. One-track mind. One must first know one's precise location in order to then be able to lose oneself. For a minute. For an hour. Time is necessary. Keep your head down. Obey your elders. Collect good memories. Replace the bad. Make no noise. Fill me in on the latest gossip. Always say please. The pens go in the green jar, the pencils go in the box. Be afraid, just not always. Go to bed early. Don't obey hypocritical rules. Speak. Rush hour on lunch break. Work in progress at the end of the road. It is healthy to wonder. It is healthy to wander. Reality is strikingly bearable. Grow a beard. Don't you see you're genuine?


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